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Camso Powersports ATV-UTV track system rider forest spring summer

How to choose ATV or UTV tracks?

There’s lots to consider when buying a track system: performance, durability, maintenance, adaptability. We asked Sam Oldham, adventurer and owner of both Backcountry Life and Snow Groomers, for his 7 top things to look on a track system to equip an ATV or UTV. Read on to see his checklist for choosing the right tracks.

Overview of sections:

> Top 7 things to look for in a track system
> Oldham’s biggest reasons for riding a tracked ATV or UTV
> Oldham’s track system checklist
> How long Oldham has been riding Camso tracks?

Backcountry Life specializes in off-road and backcountry exploration in some of Utah’s most remote and challenging terrains. Through videos, articles, and social media content, they share insights, new gear and vehicle reviews, and tips for breathtaking trails and destinations.

Snow Groomers LLC builds high-quality compact snow grooming equipment for virtually any snow sport, for everyone from World cup and Olympic athletes to backyard adventurers.

Top 7 things to look for in a track system

Thinking of switching over to a track system? Ready to upgrade your current track system? Choose wisely and your tracked ATV or UTV will keep you happily exploring – or efficiently working – for years to come.

Here are the most important things to consider in a great track system for your ATV or side-by-side, according to outdoorsman Sam Oldham.

1. Performance & durability

OLDHAM: I consider performance and durability a single criterion because one without the other will only be a letdown. Performance without durability means constantly maintaining and replacing parts. Durability without performance means disappointing rides and limited terrain to explore.

We put our Camso track systems to the test in all sorts of extreme conditions and the experience is phenomenal. They let us explore terrains we never thought possible. The durability and performance of Camso track systems have really expanded our adventure horizons. They’re also hardworking and reliable work tools for jobs like snow grooming.

2. Transferability

OLDHAM: Being able to transfer tracks between different vehicles means you can adapt to different types of adventures. Having fewer sets to buy and maintain is much more convenient and cost-effective. Camso has a variety of track system transfer kits that adapt from most prominent recreational vehicle brands and models to another – even between ATVs and UTVs.

See Camso Vehicle Attachments >

Find the right transfer kit in a few clicks with the Camso Transfer Assistant Tool >

3. Year-round riding

OLDHAM: If you’ve got a good four-season track system, you’ll be able to explore more  terrain year-round, without being limited by seasonal conditions.

Camso tracks have withstood everything we've thrown at them. Deep snow, mud, soft and uneven terrain – you name it. The build quality is evident. Their reliability gives us the confidence to go further on each ride – no matter the time of year. Not all track systems on the market are four seasons, so they don't even compare to Camso tracks.

See what makes Camso tracks true 4-season >

4. Smart design & build

OLDHAM: If you want to ride in deep snow or challenging terrains, the track system’s design and materials will make a huge difference.

The design geometry of Camso track systems is exceptional. Camso has been innovating in track and track system technologies for over 40 years and you can see that a lot of thought and expertise have gone into the Camso track design to ensure they perform under pressure.

The way the tracks are shaped and laid out maximizes ground contact, which not only improves traction but also distributes the load more evenly for greater stability in challenging terrains. In deep snow, the design allows for great flotation, so this reduces sinkage and makes maneuvering easier.

5. Easy maintenance

OLDHAM: Performance isn't just about getting through tough spots; it's also about how the tracks maintain their integrity and provide a consistent ride quality over time. If you ride your track system in muddy or rocky conditions, you need tracks that can grip without slipping or getting damaged. It all boils down to material toughness and design.

With Camso tracks, we get less vibration, smoother rides, and fewer interruptions for repairs or adjustments. I think that’s because Camso has made some really smart choices in terms of the materials it uses.

The high-quality rubber compounds used in the tracks are resilient in extreme temperatures and conditions, which is crucial if you push your gear to the limits. The materials used for internal components like sprockets and idlers are tough enough to handle high torque and continuous use without failing.

If you maintain your Camso tracks, you’ll hardly see any wear and tear. The tracks are designed in a way that makes cleaning and inspection straightforward, which is crucial after a day in mud or snow. And when maintenance is needed, it’s really manageable.

Read our "Tips for adjusting and repairing track systems during riding season" article and find handy maintenance assistance on the following topics:

Learn how to take care of the wheels and bearings on a Camso track system: from inspection to removal, cleaning and replacement.

A key component to a track system is the rubber track. Camso tracks are durable but in rare cases, you may have to change it. Learn how to inspect, remove, install and finally adjust track tension.

  • How to inspect and maintain hub?

We compare the hub as the heart of the track system. Learn how to inspect, maintain and reinstall the hub and its bearings.

There are different sprocket sizes engineered and adapted to your specific vehicle. Want to know more?

6. Replaceable parts

OLDHAM: All track systems eventually need some parts to be replaced. Look for a track system that offers high-quality replacement parts. Because when the time comes – and it will – you'll be very glad you didn’t cut this corner.

We demand a lot from our Camso track systems, so we need to keep them in top condition. Replacing Camso parts is quick and easy – whether it’s the wheels, cables, frames, tracks, sprockets, suspensions, or vehicle attachments. At least it is once you get the hang of it! You need to be a little handy.

Find over 145 replacement parts on the Camso Original Parts. Guaranteed to fit all current Camso ATV/UTV track system models and most common older models.

Shop by category >

7. Accessible parts

OLDHAM: You also want to make sure replacement parts are readily available, especially if you use your ATV or UTV as a work tool. You don’t want to get stuck with questionable non-original parts or your beast sitting idle.

Camso parts are almost always replaceable and easily accessible through the Camso Original Parts website or from Camso dealers. That means guaranteed quality parts with a precise fit.

Have Camso parts shipped to your door in 48 hours or less.

Buy Camso replacement parts >

Oldham’s biggest reasons for riding a tracked ATV or side-by-side

OLDHAM: You get better flotation. The larger surface area of the tracks distributes the vehicle's weight more evenly, reducing ground pressure. This is especially useful in snow or boggy conditions because your vehicle is less likely to sink and get stuck.

The broader footprint also means better stability on uneven terrains. The extra traction, stability and torque make navigating challenging landscapes safer and more comfortable.

Oldham’s track system checklist

Use this checklist when shopping for a new track system and you won’t go wrong.

How long Oldham has been riding Camso tracks?

OLDHAM: Since 2012. We had heard some good things about Camso tracks – that they had a good reputation for durability, performance, and innovation in track technology, and figured they would align with the demands of our backcountry explorations. So we decided to give them a try. We liked them so much we became Camso ambassadors and partners and I currently own 5 track systems – all Camso! Two are fitted on ATVs and the other three are on UTVs:

  • 2008 Yamaha Rhino 700 with Camoplast Tatou ATV T4S tracks
  • 2023 Can-Am Outlander 800 DPS with Camso X4S tracks
  • 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 on Camso UTV 4S1 tracks
  • 2023 Can-Am Defender Max Limited on Camso UTV 4S1 tracks
  • 2023 Can-Am Maverick Sport on Camso UTV 4S1 tracks


The process of choosing the ideal track system for your ATV or UTV demands careful consideration of various factors. When going through all criteria, make sure to keep in mind your specific outdoor activities you will be practicing as this will surely guide you towards a satisfactory tracked riding experience.

Still have questions in your evaluation process? Well, we invite you to ask us your questions by simply chatting with us. It’ll be our pleasure.

We also have dedicated Camso dealers very knowledgeable about our track systems, make sure to visit them.